Abstract Solar System

It's easy to customize or personalize this design and make it your own! Add color or text, a funny saying, someone's name, whatever you like!The planets of the solar system revolve around the sun creating a circular pattern. Arrows jet out from the center of the solar system as if they are illustrating the big bang theory. Abstract? Yes. Fun? Yes. Colorful? Yes. Funky? Absolutely! The Abstract Solar System Design has a retro eighties look with the colorful yellow, orange, purple and pink circles and arrows. Maybe it is a stretch of the imagination but you won't find a graphic representation of the solar system that is more fun than this.This design is available on over 80 different products at Electric Pop Spot: t-shirts and apparel for men & women, boys & girls, toddlers & infants, babies and even dogs, a great selection of mugs, buttons, magnets, keychains, stationary & invitations, shopping & tote bags, mousepads, hats, posters, canvas art prints, custom postage stamps, aprons, stickers, ties and more. Visit Electric Pop Spot and browse our selection of 100's of creative, original and unique designs, find that perfect gift or something for yourself.Electric Pop Spot, the cool spot for pop art!


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