Family Cruise Vacation Funny Ship | Custom Name V2 T-Shirt

No family cruise is complete without matching, personalized t-shirts. These funny tees are perfect for your vacation. With room for your name at the top, the rest of this humorous design says, "[Your Name] Family Cruise: We've Got SHIP for brains!" The design includes a cruise ship graphic, a palm tree, a fish, a squid, a dolphin, a starfish, and a couple seagulls.

Use the template to easily add your family name.


If you have a short name, consider adding 's to the end or writing your name with S P A C E S between the letters. You can also "customize" to change the font or text size.

On this shirt, the design is made all in shades of golden yellow / honey brown. See the "Family Reunions and Vacations" category of the HaHaHolidays store for more color options.


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