Reserved Parking for Light Apparel Tees

Ever tried to sit in dad's favorite chair? Ever tried to infiltrate the top secret bunker of a third world warlord? It's pretty much the same.

That chair is your Dad's like the Mona LIsa is the Louvre's. You ain't gettin' anywhere near it. Under 24-hour surveillance, cocooned in a web of infrared trip lasers, and boobytrapped like an ancient gold idol's burial cave, The Chair is Dad's, and Dad's alone.

But how to alert the masses?

Hey! Here's an idea: Buy stuff with this cool sign design slapped on it.

World's Greatest Dud® goods are designed for real world dads: loving, caring, well-intentioned fathers who inevitably (and with astounding regularity) botch things in harebrained, yet harmless ways. In other words, WGD is for practically every father on the planet.

Only One Dad Can Be Best, Here's to the Rest! Help dads across the globe embrace their Dud-itude. Buy this shirt today.


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