Service Human Do Not Pet Funny Dog Lover T-Shirt

Jealous dogs will appreciate the tee that asks people not to pet their service human while they're being walked. Suitable for men, women, or youths, the "Service Human" t-shirt is suitable for the proud mom or dad of a golden retriever, Labrador, pit bull, bulldog, German Shepherd, Chow Chow, or Chihuahua. Also a great tee for a cat lover, the shirt is suitable to wear to a dog park, dog show, pet store, animal shelter, dog sporting event, vet's office, pet groomer, favorite swimming hole, mall, movie theater, or pet party. The funny shirt is suitable for humans to wear while feeding pets, giving belly rubs, playing fetch, playing tug-o-war, shopping, running errands, or while cuddled up with their pup.


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