ZZZZZZZZ. (Dad Approves) Full Color T Shirt

I am Dad, and I approve this message.
In this case, the message is: "ZZZZZZZZZ"
No question. Dads like sleep. This shirt is like a 100% cotton lullaby.
Don't forget to choose a style and color if you'd like this design on other styles like long sleeve t-shirts and sweatshirts!
World's Greatest Dud® goods are designed for real world dads: loving, caring, well-intentioned fathers who inevitably (and with astounding regularity) botch things in harebrained, yet harmless ways. In other words, WGD is for practically every father on the planet.

Only One Dad Can Be Best, Here's to the Rest! Help dads across the globe embrace their Dud-itude. Buy this shirt today.


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